procedures establish the rules of conduct within an organization

Company Policy

Company Policy of JJ FOODS

“We’re a family owned company with a passion for delivering a difference to our valued customers”

Production: Product manufacturing policy is based on providing quality and consistency to all our end products.We strictly adhere tonot using any extra preservatives or additives which can harm human health. To avoid any instances of adulteration to our product, we vertically integrated our unitto source most of the raw materials by ourselvesthrough previously commissioned plantation sources and trusted farmers only. Our factory includes more than 25,000 ft2 of area exclusively for agricultural farming where we personally exercise maximum control over the farming techniques.

Hygiene: All staffs are given hygiene protocols to be maintained. Food handlers are provided with uniforms, hair nets and changing rooms among other facilities to maintain hygiene standards from the point of collection of raw materials > washing > processing > packaging > storage.




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